The Staffroom CPD
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Welcome to The Staffroom – Your ‘One Stop’ website for the latest news, reports and resources in Education, offering you an easy accessible approach towards achieving your own Continuous Professional Development

At The Staffroom, our aim is to provide as much information to our members as we can in one easily accessible site that will keep you up to date with news within the education sector and provide you with guidance and resources that will guide and support your continuous professional development.

We have developed a unique CPD Dashboard which can be tailored to your individual development needs and will encourage you to reflect on your development needs through the completion of self-assessment processes aimed at individual job roles.

Our CPD process is based on a best practice model of continuous professional development aimed at supporting you with reflection and self-assessment, planning your development activities, evaluating how well your activities have met your goals and then reflecting on what your future development needs might be.

Your personal CPD dashboard will be tailored to your specific needs and you will be able to plan, evaluate and reflect on your CPD in your personal log. You’ll be able to plan your development activities and download resources and reports that you can add to your plan and work through at your own pace in your own time. Your CPD log can then be downloaded and printed and used as a practical tool for demonstrating and communicating your commitment to your own professional development.

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