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FE News – Accelerating Apprenticeship and Technical Education Reform By Graham Hastings-Evans

29th August 2017

The Reform of our apprenticeship system (Trailblazers) and technical education (T-Levels) is crucial to the future successful running of our economy in a competitive Global environment.  If done in the right way, it will address our historic 30% productivity gap. Although we have made progress in last four years (in some sectors, good progress) since…

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It will take the UK, 15 years to close the literacy and numeracy gap By Graham Hasting-Evans

8th June 2017

Teaching practical functional English and maths as ‘the standard’ for all children and young people Everyone agrees that young people entering the world of work must be literate and numerate. But the arguments continue about the best approach to deliver English and maths to our young people. Both subjects are essential for employment. In fact,…

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