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The Staffroom – 20%? Off-the-job training for Apprentices By Paul Turner

4th August 2017

The Department for Education recently published its long awaited guidance to Off-the-job (OTJ) for apprenticeships applicable to frameworks and standards. The document is light, weighing in at a mere 14 pages, but covers what is probably one of the most anticipated, yet possibly controversial elements of apprenticeships – 20% of apprentices time must be allocated for OTJ training….

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Qualifications and apprenticeships – it’s all about the currency. By Paul Turner

26th April 2017

The Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) formally began its role on 3 April with the broad remit to monitor the design, delivery, end point assessment (EPA) and quality assurance of apprenticeships, including standards and assessment plans. Two documents were also released in parallel – the Strategic Guidance to the Institute for Apprenticeships and the Apprenticeships Accountability Statement. The former is to…

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