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From Apprenticeship Manager to Apprentice By Sarah Tomlinson

31st May 2017

It seems very appropriate for someone as invested in the Apprenticeships sector as myself to have taken the final step and actually become an Apprentice! When my company first informed me that I was to be placed on a Level 5 Operational Manager Apprenticeship a number of things occurred to me – thoughts that were…

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Apprenticeships, the Levy and SMEs – the Clouds have Parted by Sarah Tomlinson

24th August 2016

Finally the metaphorical clouds have parted and the government has shed light on the Apprenticeships sector, following several weeks of silence following the cabinet reshuffle in the wake of the Brexit referendum. I, like many education professionals, have seized the August hiatus as an opportunity to leave the country in search of warmer climes and an…

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