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Profile – Ann Gravells – Author and Training Consultant – the Staffroom

14th January 2018

The Staffroom are pleased to announce a new monthly feature where we will profile leaders and theorists in the education sector. We’re pleased that author and training consultant Ann Gravells has agreed to be the focus of our first profile as she is a tour de force in terms of advice, guidance and support towards…

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Being an ethical leader By David Pardey

11th January 2018

I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have. (Abraham Lincoln) Ethics are the moral principles which guide our behaviour. Being ethical may seem to be straightforward – we all have the ability to…

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Your future is whatever you make it! Setting and keeping your 2018 goals By Jane Hyde-Walsh

1st January 2018

So it’s that time of year again when most of us try to address the things we don’t like about ourselves or the things we’re not very good at by making New Year Resolutions. The problem is that not many of them really stick and all too often we fall at the first hurdle. So…

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Happy New Year from the Staffroom

31st December 2017

We wish all our members, writers, contributors and supporters a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year. Make 2018 the year you plan your goals and start to create your own future.

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Character for learning & life By Dr Nigel Newton

27th December 2017

Let’s give children a choice. Their schools can be places where they are encouraged to acquire one of two kinds of characteristics. What list of character traits would your student’s like to have? Reflective Indifferent Hopeful Pessimistic Inquisitive Passive Truthful Deceitful Thoughtful Inconsiderate Discerning Gullible Open minded Narrow -minded Tolerant Prejudiced Co-operative Divisive Resourceful Inept…

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What is Effective CPD?  By Jane Hyde-Walsh

3rd December 2017

Research on CPD demonstrates that many teachers and trainers do not participate in professional development activities and the most common reasons given are conflicts in work schedules and an absence of incentives for participation. Add to this a marked decline in investment by schools supported by figures compiled by the Teacher Development Trust earlier this year found…

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Building Leadership Trust By David Pardey

29th November 2017

In my first article in this series (Why leadership and management matter ) I argued that leadership and management were equally important (but different) in getting the best out of people. In the second article (What makes someone a good leader? ) I explored some of the personal qualities that can enable you to be more effective…

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What makes someone a good leader? By David Pardey

5th September 2017

In my first article in this series (Why leadership and management matter) I argued that leadership and management were equally important (but different) in getting the best out of people. I described managers as relying on positional power, the legitimate authority that comes from their role in the organisation, and leaders as relying on personal…

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The Staffroom – Why Leadership and Management Matter By David Pardey

1st August 2017

Organisations are all about people, and people are complicated. Of course, the buildings, vehicles and equipment used in organisations are also important, but without the people they would be machines. If they are well made and looked after well, machines are pretty predictable – turn a switch, provide power, and off they go. Add in…

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Why Learning Intelligence? By Kevin Hewitson

14th June 2017

“To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle” George Orwell [i] Sometimes the obvious is on our doorstep, often ignored and rarely noticed.  So it is with my experience as a teacher and in the development of the concept of Learning Intelligence, or “LQ”. After a career of nearly 4…

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