Our Core Values

At the Staffroom we believe that we all have control over our own performance and our site exists in order to support our members’ continuous improvement and professional development.

Optimism:  As educators, we all have a choice to focus our energy on obstacles or look for opportunities.

Possibilities:  We can concentrate on the problems or seek solutions.

Making changes:  We can complain about what’s wrong or we can aim to make a difference.

Self-improvement:  We all have the choice to start in the same place – with ourselves and to start making to plan to develop ourselves and to continually professionally develop.

Inspiration: We aim to work with educators who want to inspire their students to achieve their potential and reach their goals. To do this we aim to provide news, articles and resources that will help our members stay informed about the education sector and plan the development they need to improve the outcomes of all their students.

Resources you can trust: At the Staffroom we try to locate information and resources from places we know and from people we trust. Everything on the Staffroom site is quality assured, supporting our members on their individual self-development journey.

Developing good habits to create great improvements:  We exist to support individual members with their personal learning journeys and to help them to reflect on where they need to improve, set goals, develop good habits to record, evaluate and reflect on continuous professional development actions and to improve overall performance and student outcomes.

‘I’m loving the Staffroom – it helps me to develop a meaningful development plan and make the best use of my time and budget to develop myself ’

Janthea Brigend, Director Nipperbout Ltd