Our Partners

We aim to develop partnership relationships with various organisations who are working in education. If your organisation would be interested in discussing partnership possibilities please contact jane@thestaffroom.com 

Our current partners:

FE Newswww.fenews.co.uk

FE NewsIs the digital news, views and video channel for the Further Education, Apprenticeship / Work Based Learning and Employability sector. Established in 2003, FE News is the digital news site for the sector, with FE experts writing about emerging strategy, innovation and best practice across the sector. FE News have a news section called FE Voices and are always keen to engage with experts from the sector who would like to write articles about strategy, policy and effective engagement of learners and employers. Click here <link to: https://www.fenews.co.uk/users/login> to register on FE News and then start to be share your views on the sector.

FE Careerswww.fecareers.co.uk

FE CareersFE Careers is the job advertising site for www.fenews.co.uk. FE Careers is the largest specialist job advertising site in Further Education, Apprenticeships / Work Based Learning and Employability sectors. FE Careers has over 1200 live jobs per day across the sector, the jobs advertised range from jobs with FE Colleges, Training Providers, Awarding Organisations, direct employers and specialist FE Recruiters. FE Careers has been tried, tested and trusted for the past 14 years and are regularly finalists at the Online recruitment awards for multiple award categories.  Click here <link to: https://www.fecareers.co.uk/> to see the latest jobs on FE Careers, or click here <link to:https://www.fecareers.co.uk/candidates.asp>  to set up jobs via email or add your CV to the database to be approached about exciting new job roles.

Teacher Tourist – teachertourist.com

Teacher TouristInternational teachers are often on the lookout for a new adventure or an insight into exciting new work destinations. Teacher Tourist was created  to cater for the needs of adventurous teachers.

We offer the opportunity to connect and exchange homes with other teachers from around the world as they have similar needs and overlapping school schedules and holidays. Our aim is to support teachers in as many ways as possible and so we have added a few options to our original home swap idea.

Teacher Exchange offers you the opportunity to exchange homes with other teachers.

Teacher Guide connect with a teacher by offering to show and share your experiences, this may be of your area, a hobby or even a sport.

Teacher Hosting offers a stay in your own home with the option to charge a fee if you desire. Many teachers looking to move internationally may relish the idea of getting first hand information on schools and lifestyle in the areas you live. What better way to get this information than from a teacher who is actually already doing it.

If you like discovering new and interesting people and places then why not become part of our worldwide community? All you need to do is upload a few pictures of your home and write a short blurb about your home and locality. You could soon be on your way to some exciting new adventures. Oh and by the way, it’s free!


EdCentral – (free to access for all teaching professionals) – https://edcentral.uk

EdCentral is an independent not-for-profit social enterprise, set up to support busy teaching professionals. It’s a fully-searchable digital platform which curates and signposts the latest education news, events, and commentary – and offers plain-English summaries of education research, plus guides to who’s who in the education research world. Teachers can sign up for free. Membership also includes an ‘EdConnect’ area where educators can post their own content if they want to – opting to keep it private; share it exclusively amongst their own invited ‘EdCentral contacts’; or publish it for the entire EdCentral community to see.