Return on Investment

How you choose to spend your organisations Continuous Professional Development budget can directly impact the performance of your staff and outcomes for your students.

We are confident that the unique toolkit developed by the Staffroom towards CPD encourages a more meaningful approach towards improving performance all round and we’re sure that it will have an incredible impact for your staff and students for the foreseeable future.

Individual members will start to develop good habits towards their CPD using our self-assessment tools and reflecting on where they are so that they can make meaningful plans to take themselves forward.

We also offer corporate hub memberships for schools, colleges and training organisations. A corporate hub allow an organisation to upload the materials and resources they want their staff to use as part of their annual CPD plan.  They can then use it as a management tool incorporating individual CPD plans into their 1 to 1 and performance management meetings and start to really guide professional development for all their staff.

Did you know that the average school with 100 teachers could be spending up to £50,000 on CPD annually?

The Staffroom corporate hub membership costs just £30.00 per staff member, for 100 staff that’s a just £3,000 per year (plus VAT)  making it a really cost effective way to embed good professional development practice into your teams CPD plans.

Start saving money today and meet all of your staff CPD needs at a fraction of the cost. Please contact for more information.

‘The Staffroom has transformed how I manage my CPD’