What is The Staffroom?

The Staffroom is a unique website supplying online tools and resources for anyone working in education to support continuous professional development.

The site is built around the principles of best practice Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and encourages users to reflect, plan, record, evaluate and reflect again on their CPD activities as part of a continuous improvement cycle and start to develop a truly meaningful approach towards professional development.

We’ve developed a unique points system to monitor how effectively users are working towards their CPD goals so that every read article or downloaded resource counts towards CPD goals. We encourage users to regularly interact with the site, review personal performance against our exclusive self-assessments and reflect and plan future targets. As goals are set and activities are planned users can start to regularly evaluate their effectiveness and reflect on what’s been learnt and over time start to evaluate new skills and knowledge and determine how these improvements impact on performance.

The Staffroom site also contains news, articles and a treasure trove of nearly 4000 resources, any of which when read and downloaded count towards individual CPD goals. Users can start to plan, evaluate and reflect on activities and start to earn CPD points for each completed activity.

News and articles on the Staffroom are focused mainly on the education sector in the UK however we also publish and share a lot of content about general good practice in education as well as research and reports that have an influence on how to improve teaching and raise standards.  We have users and visitors from all over the world and the site contains lots of information for anyone who is seeking resources, research, reports and articles who wants to improve their approach towards their CPD.

The Staffroom also has a great bookshop full of educational books, recommended (UK-based) CPD events, a great value insurance offer, jobs pages and all for just £5.00 per month or £45.00 a year.

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