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This site is aimed at all education professionals including teachers, teaching assistants, assessors, quality assurers, early years practitioners, managers, governors and any other education professional whether employed or freelance who wishes to continually professionally develop.

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Early Years, Schools, Further Education, Vocational/Skills Education, Higher Education and Theories and Ideas

We ask that all our members make a commitment to the mission and values of the Staffroom website and are serious about aiming to improve their performance and practice and who wish to:

  • Work towards excellence and best practice in the delivery of their assessment, verification, teaching, training, management or any other education role.
  • Build good habits in terms of planning and preparing their assessment, verification, teaching, training sessions and work they deliver.
  • Evaluate the work you deliver and your own performance and the effectiveness of their delivery.
  • Listen, be respectful and considerate of the views and opinions of others.
  • Maintain high levels of integrity and honesty.
  • Be flexible and responsive to the needs of students and stakeholders.
  • Share own best practice and welcome the opinions of others.
  • Consistently work towards your own CPD and tread their own lifelong learning journey.

‘Easy to use so that everything I do on the site counts towards my professional development goals and encourages me to reflect on what I’ve read and learnt’   Julia Roberts – Assessor