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I’m becoming a teacher at 58 – TED Talk by Lucy Kellaway

25th July 2017

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The Future of Learning By Bradley Lightbody

25th July 2017

Knowledge is but a question away. Ask Google, Cortana, Alexa or Siri a question and gain an immediate answer. The age of the traditional classroom is drawing to a close as the Knowledge Age gathers momentum and the digital world fixes its attention on making all knowledge instantly accessible. It is a revolution short in…

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£16 million drive to boost maths skills for post Brexit Britain

24th July 2017

Following the publication of Sir Adrian Smith review which underlines the value of post-16 maths the government have offered a £16 million investment to increase the quality of teaching in post- 16 maths. The investment will aim to increase the quality of teaching in post-16 maths is part of major drive to see more students…

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Control and yet more control, but no real education and skills development? By Charlotte Davies

21st July 2017

Education is about helping a child organise and make sense of their development. Humans are highly complex animals with the most complex brains in the known universe. Our development is long and slow so it’s vital that our parenting, education and training systems need to mirror our developmental needs across all areas of our senses and…

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Securing value for money for students and taxpayers

20th July 2017

Jo Johnson outlined plans for subject-level Teaching Excellence Framework and a crackdown on vice chancellor pay Universities Minister Jo Johnson has recently set out plans to provide better value for money from the higher education system for students and taxpayers. In a speech to university leaders and representative bodies at the think tank Reform, the minister outlined proposals…

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Time to tackle university drop-out rate

19th July 2017

A new report from the Social Market Foundation (SMF) on student retention at university says that more must be done to tackle a steady rise in the number of students dropping out of universities in England. Tackling non-continuation at university is vital. Each drop out represents a loss of potential, a poor and probably confidence-sapping…

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Additional £1.3 billion for school funding announced

18th July 2017

Education secretary Justine Greening yesterday announced that schools will receive an additional £1.3 billion over the next two years, with money taken from elsewhere in the education budget. She said the money which is to be raised by cuts elsewhere in the wider education budget, meant that per-pupil funding would be maintained in real terms until 2019-20. In…

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Teacher turnover and the attainment gap

17th July 2017

The Social Market Foundation has recently published the results of its Commission on Inequality in Education and it paints a stark picture in terms of teacher turnover for more deprived schools. Teachers at the most deprived secondary schools are 70 per cent more likely to leave their jobs than those working in the most affluent…

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Higher Education funding in England: past, present and options for the future – IFS Research

14th July 2017

Higher education (HE) in England has been subject to near-constant reform over the past two decades.  The most notable of these was the 2012 trebling of tuition fees to £9,000. HE is an area where England is a genuine world leader having long boasted several of the world’s finest universities, yet that position is increasingly…

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Lesson observations: problems, opportunities and the mysteries of good teaching By Nigel Newton

13th July 2017

Criticisms have recently been made of Ofsted’s lesson observation approach. In comments reported by the TES, Dr Brian Apter, suggests that inspectors need to use a checklist to prevent bias and ensure fairness.  Even if a tick box approach was used, we may still be left wondering whether lesson observation as part of a quality…

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