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General Election 2017: An Analysis of Manifesto Plans for Education

26th May 2017

Ahead of the 2017 General Election, the Education Policy Institute (EPI) has published an impartial assessment of the English education policies of the main UK political parties. This analysis considers the extent to which each of the parties address some of the key challenges facing education today, as well as whether their policies appear to…

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Education Plans from UKIP

25th May 2017

These are the key education plans from the UKIP Manifesto 2017. A Brighter Future for our Next Generation  – Political interference in education has failed children. We are tumbling down the international education league tables and rising up the ranks for youth unemployment. UKIP will reintroduce grammar schools, invest in vocational education and technical training,…

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Implementing the Prevent Duty: For Further Education and School Leaders By Carole Loader

24th May 2017

The advice based on the Prevent duty will contribute significantly to making sure education training providers help keep young people safe from the risk of radicalisation in the UK. Building the resilience of young people lies at the heart of the matter, and teachers and others with learning responsibilities can do this by offering safe places…

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Why We Need to Promote Learning for Democracy By Stephen Lambert

23rd May 2017

ALL schools, colleges and apprenticeships are required to teach British Values, including democracy and ”understanding of how citizens can influence decision-making through the democratic process”. Yet, low turn-out in elections and participation in politics as well as surveys show that less than half of our young people believe it. Turn-out among young adults aged 18…

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Education Plans from the Green Party

22nd May 2017

These are the priorities for education and young people for the Green Party in the next parliament according to their latest manifesto. Education transforms lives. The Green Party believes that education is a right, and should therefore be available to people of all ages. We stand firmly alongside teachers, parents, and young people in calling…

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Why are our Students Unmotivated? By Etti Seigel

19th May 2017

The biggest complaint I hear from educators is that it is hard to teach; children just don’t care about learning. They are disinterested, unmotivated, couldn’t be bothered, and act like they want to be anywhere but in class. And this is from the teachers who are managing! Others tell me the kids act up, are disrespectful, and some…

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Forward Together – the Conservative Manifesto 2017

18th May 2017

These are the priorities for education and young people for the Conservatives in the next parliament according to their latest manifesto. Schools We will: Continue with our programme of free schools, building at least a hundred new free schools a year. Prohibit councils from creating any new places in schools that have been rated either…

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Delivering the Trailblazer Standards By Jane Hyde-Walsh

17th May 2017

From May 1st the new Trailblazer standards can be delivered to any new apprentices funded through the government’s apprenticeship reforms. The change marks a radical transformation in the further education sector with not only funding being reformed but the whole structure and content of the new trailblazer standards is completely different to previous apprenticeships. There is…

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Change Britain’s Future – Education plans from the Liberal Democrats

17th May 2017

These are the priorities for education and young people for the Liberal Democrats in the next parliament according to their latest manifesto. Key areas will be: ● Investing nearly £7 billion extra in our children’s education – increasing school budgets and the Pupil Premium to protect against rising costs and pupil numbers, and introducing a…

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Towards a National Education Service – the Labour Manifesto 2017

16th May 2017

The Labour Manifesto 2017 has been launched today and sets out a plan towards a national education service. Key pledges for education are as follows: Early Years: Overhaul the existing childcare system and transition to a system of high-quality childcare places with direct government subsidy. Maintain current commitment on free hours. Phase in subsidised provision…

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